An attempt at revolution from my couch


Chex and Balances

Democratically elected government

any one of those three gets too powerful
and we end up in some form of dictatorship

We need all 3 to thrive

I was going to write this up as a huge whirling rant… but this is all you need.

Your mission, as the voting public, is to make sure these things are maintained.

but what the fuck do I know… maybe there’s a god and we should be rocking a theocracy. 

I’m tired. 
Think amongst yourselves.

We are off to a new start!!!

PIC-0058Hello my droogs and droogettes,

We are going to be doing something a bit different here now.  Coyote Quixote is taking over the airwaves.

A long time good old Coyote wanted to run for office.  He thought he would make a good little suit leader.  He signed up for classes in Political Science and stayed firmly intentive at class.

Then two little things happened to dear sprout Coyote, he found out he was an extremist, and he went ho ho insane.

So riddle me this:  What to do? What to do?

Oh here you go, when a score is passed and the coy ote is down and out.  A bit of a Putsch and a bit of a beerhall got one who was so similarly situated way past the finish line.

So here we are to rant and spread disinformation, whip up some noise, whip up the crowd, and a hey hey hey bring this boy straight to the Casa Blanca.

And away we go…..


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